New World Order Part 1/2

By , March 8, 2011 7:48 pm

New World Order // 09 June 2009During the last nine years, certainly those years and months since “911”; the headline news has being dominated by the Middle East: Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah-Palestinian-Iran and oil prices and of course North Korea and the Russian/Georgia situation. These problems, all of them; are simple and merely a distraction from the real threat to our freedoms and the sovereignty of the United States and our Constitution.The Socialistic and Marxist movement has been active in American Politics under the guise of progressivism for over 100 years, though mostly by “liberal” Democrats; it progressed along very well during periods controlled by conservative Congress and Administrations, mostly in Illegal Immigration and the Southern Border. During the last 18 years, it was not that we lost “Freedoms” but rather that we casually lost our legal avenue to pursue those freedoms while at the same time the extreme left, secular progressives, illegal immigrants, gay activists, planned parenthood, ACORN, ACLU and Muslim Terrorists have gained a strong voice.I wrote back on 12 January 2009 that the easiest and fastest way for “One Man Rule” (666-The Beast) was an economic crisis which would lead to a “world-wide” Financial Armageddon.A “New World Order” has been in the making for quite time now and this administration is paving the road for this “New World Order’ under the guise of “Global Economic World Order”.Revelation 13:17, “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of this image”Yes, I’m saying that the Anti-Christ (New World Order) will enter the world scene when world markets are on the verge of collapse. The peoples of the world will welcome “anyone” that would have the answers for their financial needs and gladly agree to any and all requirements that they may eat.We will explore the book of Revelation and Daniel, the five elements dealing with this aspect of “end times” and the impact on politics, social and financial markets. The five elements in Revelation dealing with the Anti-Christ are: the “mark”, the “name”, the “image” and two beasts; one rising from the sea(a government or governing seat) and one rising from the earth(an individual).I’ve never given to much attention to “conspiracy theories” but what I saw today on the internet while doing some research really got me going. If you’ve read any of my posts you would see that I certainly believe that the financial crises we are going through is paving the way for a “New World Order” (the advent of ANTI-CHRIST). I have to ask a question before I continue. Why would Barack Obama, who so strongly opposed our involvement in Iraqi throughout his campaign still have approximately 130,000 American troops in Iraqi and increased our troop level if Afghanistan? I don’t believe he changed his mind nor was he lying to us during the campaign. I sincerely believe that our President is NOT IN CHARGE.This is what I learned today: The American Embassy in Baghdad is the largest in the world, the most self- contained and a level of security that would make the pope envious. Most American Embassies take up about 10 acres; the American Embassy in Baghdad covers 104 acres and we own title to that land. (Google it for complete (2 page) details). We are not going anywhere, we are there to stay. Why? I will give you my thoughts on that at a later date. (5sep2010-since I first wrote this, General Jones has stated that blowing Israel out of the sky while over Iraqi air space was a possibly if they, Israel, tried to take out Iran’s Nuclear Reactors). Someone or a group of some ones have always known we were going to stay there. Here is why I believe that Barack Obama is not in charge: He has surrounded himself with appointees/assistants/special envoys that are members of the CFR, the CFR works hand in glove with the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome and the Bilderbergers; all of these are interwoven with the Illuminati. I list some of Obama’s appointees/assistants below who are all members of the CFR.Tim Geithner, Susan Rice, Gen. James L. Jones, Thomas Donilon, Admiral Dennis C. Blair, Paul Volker, Kurt M. Campbell, James Steinberg, Richard Haass, Dennis Ross,  Richard Holbrooke, and  Zbigniew Brzezinski. Yes, the same Brzezinski who was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor and who along with David Rockefeller created the Illuminati’s “Trilateral Commission”. Let’s break it down like this: State Department: Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill is a member of the CFREconomic Recovery: Paul VolkerNational Intelligence: James Jones, Thomas Donilon, Dennis BlairTreasury: Timothy GeithnerAmbassador to the United Nations: Susan Rice: The same United Nations that pushes for ultimate global governance hates the U.S. and wants to take away our guns and subject our U.S. Supreme Court to the World Court.

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