Earth’s Axis shifts

By , March 14, 2011 8:23 pm

14 March 2011

Earth’s axis shifts

During the last two days there have been more than one article stating that the earth quake in Japan shifted the Earth’s Axis and actually moved the coastline in Japan.

Approximately a year ago (3 March 2010) an article in had an article stating that the Chilean earth quake had shifted the Earth’s Axis.

Is it ironic that this is happening when the global financial markets are on the verge of total collapse, that December 21 2012 is just around the corner, that the Middle East is in its worse turmoil in over 100 years and that the once (most powerful force in the world) powerful America can barely pay the interest on its debt.

I make the case in my pamphlet “God is Real”, available here at, that what God has set in motion can be stopped or changed; sometimes these motions were foretold hundreds and even thousands of years prior.

It is one thing to believe that a Tsunami can kill some while some are spared, God can do that, that an earthquake can crack the earth and swallow some people and not others, God can do that, that great waters can run uphill and backwards, the great Mississippi River run backwards once during an earth quake and of course that the great walls of Jericho fell because of an earth quake and not because of the blasts of the trumpets (I make the case in “God is Real) that for those of us that God’s Word, it is because “thus said the Lord). But can we believe that the Sun and the Moon stood still. We know and accept that a hit on earth by a large enough comet or meteorite would or at least could “not only” shift the earth’s axis but in probability cause a complete tilt of the earth’s axis.

Joshua 10:11, And it came to pass, as they fled from before Israel, and were in the going down Beth-hor-on, that the Lord cast down great stones from Heaven upon them unto A-ze-kah and they died. They were, more which died with hailstones than they whom the children of Israel slew with the sword.” 10:12 then spake Joshua to the Lord in the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorities before the children of Israel and he saith in the sight of Israel , Sun stand thou still upon Gibeon and thou moon in the valley of Ajalon.”

Were the great stones from heaven mentioned in Joshua a multitude of comets/meteorites which bombarded earth causing it to stop its rotation on its axis; in ancient writings of the Chinese they write of prolonged periods of darkness and at one point that the Sun rose where it used to go down. In the Mexican annals it is stated that the world went without light and the sun did not appear for a fourfold night. I could go on and on with other writings of various cultures who mention this period but that is my purpose here. This is simply another area preparing the way for “One World Oder” and the advent of Anti-Christ.

The Word of God tells us that Moses and the children of Israel roamed in the wilderness for 40 years; they had the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. Experts tell us that if a super volcanic would erupt it would create a cloud of ash which would cover our skies for decades; obviously the pillar of fire would be the volcanic continuous eruption. Well we’ve had these two “great earth quakes” one year apart. Is this the beginning of our 40 year wandering in the wilderness and will it start in 2013? More of this next week. Download “God is real” for a basic understanding of the many predictions made and fulfilled hundreds and even thousands of years later.

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