New World Order Part1/5

By , March 30, 2011 6:18 pm

Until a few decades ago a New World Order would have been laughed at, a nightmare, a first step towards a worldwide dictatorship that America would never stand for. Nowadays however, many a politician, economist and even religious leaders are quick to say that we must suffer as a world people and set aside our sovereignty and surrender in favor of governance that would place economic and political life under the trusteeship of international organizations or at a minimum international rules which would make void our Congress and Supreme Court. I am not going to name dates and times when Obama has spoken or given speeches (they are numerous) in which he has made clear and precise that he favors global peace, global unity and global financial stability. Give me a break, is he really that void of any form of reality and common sense OR is this his deceitful manner of advocating a world without borders and national unity, a world without individual rights and legal process in favor of a world order which has all the power, while the “global citizens” work for a world corporation. The only way global peace and unity can exist, even for a short and limited time is under one world government with strict controls in place for population and constitutional rights for the masses yet no longer accept or even tolerate individual rights. There obviously would be a ruling class in each union (previously nations) to enforce all laws and restrictions. Revelation 13:17, “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of this image”.

The CFR and Trilateral Commission is so deeply rooted in all decision making at the State Department, the U.S. Treasury, National Security and Labor that a high school dropout could do as good of a job as president since the Presidency today is but a puppet.

I believe the Trilateral Commission and its members have set in motion the current global chaos which has resulted in the almost collapse of most nations economic, trade and financial systems in order to bring forth a “New International Economic Order”.

It is my sincerest belief that two things will backfire and surprise the hell out of these individuals; (1) the U.S. is NOT going to be the super Power in charge of this “New World Order” and (2) China WILL NOT play by the rules, they never have. However, in a short time these individuals will in fact support any nation that holds the best hand; that is any nation but China or Russia.

I could write another ten full pages on the CFR and the Trilateral Commission but my purpose here was simply to illustrate how the United States has almost lost its sovereignty and how Barrack Obama and his liberal (progressive) Congress have taken away our individual freedoms and paved the road for the Anti-Christ to shortly take command from the pulpit of “New World Order” and “New International Economic Order”. Please understand the actual name or title for these global leader or leaders may be different or vary somewhat from what I state here.

We are not living in the same America of yesteryear; I am appalled almost on a daily basis of just how many freedoms we have lost and continue to lose and as I stated earlier it is not just that we have lost so many freedoms or the legal avenue to pursue those freedoms but even more important is the swift manner recently from this Administration and its Justice Department which turns a blind eye to wrong doing and evil from anyone who happens to be Black, Islamic, Illegal Immigrant or Labor Union individuals that beat up on Tea Party participants; by the way in the eyes of this Administration and the NAACP if you are Black and happen to a conservative or Republican; then you are NOT Black.

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