F****** Wet-Back

By , March 8, 2013 5:28 pm

8 March 2013

I wrote the following a few months back but feel that I should post it
again as we get near November. I am a 68 year old Hispanic and grew up in the
“deep” south during the late 50’s and early 60’s. I am an American Citizen
going back two generations. When I was growing up we did not have PC, either
one; -personal computer and “political correctness”. I was a Mexican that just
happen to be an American citizen, you think anyone cared that I was an
American, I had nick names; wet-back, greaser, dumb shit and of course F******
wet back. I’ve seen it and heard it-all and come around complete circle. I’ve
seen and heard the titles they have given us over the years: zoot, the blood,
Chicano, La Raza, undocumented residents, Latino and Hispanic and many more in
between. However, I am none of those, I am an American, born and lived in
America whose father and grandfather were born, lived and died in America. Have
you ever noticed that it is the liberals that love and cater to illegal
Hispanics while discrediting people like me? Liberals don’t like “legal”
brown-skinned conservatives; we are too smart to believe their “bull-shit”.

Hispanics-Wake Up-Realize

April 19, 2011

This weekend on an interview the President said that he hoped could get
some Republicans to work with him on “immigration reform” instead of the
Republicans using it as a political football. Good grief Barack Obama, do you
really think we are that stupid. Starting in January 2009 and for over two and
a half years, Pelosi, Reid and Obama (Democrats) had complete control of the
House, the Senate and the Presidency; it was impossible for the republicans to
keep anything from become law. I have to ask in all honesty why we didn’t get
immigration reform from the Democrats. Hispanics’ wake up and accept the
reality that you will never be anything to the liberals but their “little brown
brother”. This administration has bowed to the labor unions (what have the
labor unions done for you), gays, baby killers, ungodly progressives and Wall
Street; what has it done for immigration reform. Now he can blame the
Republicans once again for the lack of immigration reform. The liberal
Democrats have not, have not, have not done anything for Hispanics during those
times they had the power or votes to do so; they only speak of immigration
reform when they know it cannot pass. Where in the hell are our “Democrats” Hispanics
in the house and senate, why are they now speaking loudly but kept their mouths
shut during the two and a half years the liberals controlled everything. Where
is Univision, where is “La Raza”; they are nothing but an arm for the liberal
machine and the labor unions, they could care less about the average hard
working Hispanic. Wake up Hispanics, do your homework, go on line and do your
own research and learn and accept that the only time anything was ever done for
the Hispanic community was done by Republicans.

the way, I’m Latino (conservative, faith based and republican) and I feel sorry
for the Latinos/Hispanics who still put their trust in you, the democrats and
labor, this liberals have been in power for four years (congress) and two years
(president),(now going on five years) tell me Latinos, just what THE HELL HAS
of you Hispanics/Latinos would never open your ears to a conservative running
his mouth; Starting with Reagan and through Obama, goggle it and see for
yourselves who it is that has done the most for you. Accept it (I’m 67 and have
seen it all) you will never be anything to the liberals but their “little brown

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