Paying Uncle Sam First

By , August 12, 2009 7:14 pm

Paying Uncle Sam FirstJust about the time that Bush took office, Americans worked until the middle of April for no pay, everything they earned until then was basically eaten up in the various taxes we pay at all levels of Government. Federal income tax, state income tax, capital gains, sales tax, property taxes, etc., you get the picture.In 2008 this span of time had increased to Jul 16, an increase of 4 months over eight years. WOW’’’’’ George Bush-that is terrible; that is an additional month of work without pay for every two years you were in office.In the short seven and a half months that Barack Obama has been in office the span has increased from July 16 (2008) to August 12 (2009).Do the math: George Bush: additional month work without pay every two yearsBarack Obama: additional TWO months work without pay every year.

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