God always win

By , November 4, 2009 10:29 pm

God always win I stayed up until midnight last night watching the election returns for Governor of VA and New Jersey, as a conservative I was thrilled. For the Conservatives and the Republican Party, don’t be too quick in grapping the prize, it’s not yours yet. You know the Liberal Machine will come out with everything they have and then add lies to it. Let’s keep one thing in mind as we go forward towards the mid-term elections, don’t run against your opponent, run on your vision for the future of America, don’t run against your opponent, run against Obama and do not allow the liberal machine (particularly the left-wing main news media) to set the standard for conservatives-Republicans-faith based Christians by their accusations of bigotry and racism; set your own standard with substance and godliness and advise the secular progressives to “kiss your ass”. Why not? They lie about you, they follow a double standard and with a smile stab you in the back knowing you won’t complain because you are held to higher standard morally; surprise them.For the Democrats and Obama: I accept that most of you are secular and don’t believe that GOD is in command, but it really doesn’t matter what any of us believes. The end result is always what God has purposed for that precise moment. America, God turned his back on this administration last April when in less than two weeks our President proclaimed that we were not a Christian nation and bowed at the seat of Satan, yes Mecca is the seat of Satan. Some 3500 years ago in 1491 BC the most powerful empire with the most powerful military thought they were only dealing with a “nobody” group of Hebrews, Egypt lost, they were dealing with God. King David and King Solomon both had great passions when it came to women and David even sent his top general sent into the midst of battle to die so he (King David) could have the general’s wife; yet these two kings were loved of God and greatly rewarded. On the other hand King Saul only refused to take the head of the king of Amalek and for that he was disowned of God and the kingdom was taken away from him, Amalek was the perpetual enemy of God dating back to the Exodus and Saul had been told of God to spare no one. After the Roman Empire fell there was still some form of that empire around but it would have been recognized as West Rome and East Rome (east would have represented the Middle East). A new and very young ruler in West Rome set out to reunited the Roman Empire and actually doing well and there was not a military strong enough around to stop him. But God was not ready for the fourth beast. In 538 AD just as it appeared that the Roman Empire would be revived the Plague kills 100 million and over half of the population of Europe died, and so did Rome. Barack Obama, God turned his back on you last April and all of the baby killers, gay activists, Hollywood liberals, labor unions, earth people, “green” activists, conservative haters and your inner circle of “America” haters cannot save your presidency; only God can. For whatever its worth, everything you want will come to be, God just isn’t ready for it at this time. You can still do it, just not without God.

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