GOD has always been in control

By , May 26, 2010 6:51 pm

God established the USA, God is still in the USA, and like or not, God is in control.Though God gave all of us the moral freedom to choose between good and evil, to do good or bad and basically to determine many events in our lives; he did NOT give us the power to control or determine the final outcome of our actions. God is in control, did he not say of Pharaoh in Exodus 9:16, “And in very deed for this cause have I raised thee up….”

Our daily lives are at the mercy of government and the political process. If I believe that God established our government and is involved in our daily lives; what am I saying? That God is political. What I am saying is that God established our Nation, our Government and allowed men to accept those positions of authority in government and that as long as those men honored human decency and accepted God, our Nation excelled; “for this cause have I raised thee” “….for to show in thee my power”. It is entirely up to us as how God will show his power. Consider this, take some time and Google disasters, floods, earthquakes, famine, etc for the last four years, why is it that the level of disaster and death toll in the Muslim world number between 2000 and 200,00 (remember the Tsunami) and in America we get excited if the death toll is over 200 hundred. God has for too long smiled upon our great nation; for us to now lie down and give it up to the hate filled, ungodly and satanic 16 per cent comprised of secular progressives, university professors, liberal activists, Hollywood and the ACLU.

It’s time we took our nation back, or God will take our nation and as with many times throughout the scriptures, the world will watch in astonishment at the fall of our Nation.

more on this thought next week

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