Hard Times for 2011/2012

By , January 5, 2011 7:13 pm

timeline for the upcoming Depression; I now believe that it will start in early 2011. By the end of 2011 or early 2012 we will be in a full blown depression. Keep in mind that if the government was listing all unemployed in their “unemployed rate” unemployment is actually close to 20 per cent. This upcoming “Depression” will probably last until 2020 no matter what party is in power. The damage this Congress and President have done to our economy will not be repairable in four years. History teaches us that the Republicans rule during times of innovation and great economic upturns; the Democrats have normally ruled the country (with very few exceptions) during recessions, depressions and otherwise slow economic growth. After the “Great Depression” the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate for 40 years. This time history will NOT repeat itself because it is not Democrats in the Congress and the White House. What few REAL Democrats still in Congress have surrendered their vote and responsibility to the demands of the extreme radical progressives and the labor unions? The only question after the “mid-term elections” will be: did Congress bring down Obama or did Obama bring down the Democrats?I wrote the above on 10 August 2010, before the results of the mid-term elections. I will answer the above question; it is fairly obvious that it was congress under the leadership of Pelosi and the spineless Reid that brought down the Democrats. Since August of last year I have closely watched Wall Street and its wonderful numbers. Two thoughts here; at 10,000 it is only the number we reached in March of 1999 and with an actual unemployment rate about 20% there is still nothing substantive in the numbers at Wall Street. I would love nothing more than to be so wrong that everyone would laugh at me; however, I still stand behind everything I’ve written in my series “Then 1929 and Now 2009” the coming depression.

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