Middle East Crisis, another approach/New World Order

By , February 24, 2011 7:38 pm

 below is some text from my soon to be available (new world order-not what or who you might think). I will be posting excerpts on a weekly basis. I started writing “New World Order-not what or who you might think” in june 2009.

 Some thoughts now that include the Muslim religion and the Muslim Nations in the Middle East with Israel caught in the middle. Or perhaps I should say “the lack of Muslims and the Muslim religion in the “New World Order” I wrote back in June 2009 that the Muslim Terrorists would not win globally and were simply a distraction from the “Real” problem facing the world. I stated then the world would soon face a “Financial Armageddon” which would pave the way for one world currency and one world government-advent of the Anti-Christ.  My belief then was two-fold; (1) the scriptures tell us that “a house divided cannot stand, (the Sunni and Shite Muslims have been killing each other for approximately 1430 years and (2) from the book of Genesis through the book of Revelations, God’s Word has consistently  told us that in the end times Israel would be restored and WIN. As I wrote this today (24 February 2011) the uproar, unrest, and over throw of governments who have been in power for over 30 years is not happening without intent and that intent is from outside the Muslim region. International Bankers, Freemasons, USA Labor Unions, Hebrew bloodline individuals influencing powerful people in the Governments of Germany, England, France, Spain and the USA are causing (as they have for over 200 years) this turmoil in preparation for the “New World Order”; one currency, one people without borders, one court, one military and one government. Yes there will still be nations, but, they will be subject to the rules and demands of “New World Order”. If this area currently in an uprising is won by and controlled by “The Muslim Brotherhood”, “Hamas” and “Hezbollah”, it will surely present the situation where Israel would have to defend itself. Iran can wipe the smile off its face; Israel will not lose another war in the Middle East. They no longer have a United States President whom they owe anything to and certainly defend their homeland with everything they have.

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