Conservative Economic Views

By , May 22, 2009 8:48 pm

Conservative economic view:

For a lot Americans the economic chaos facing us this year is something that even their parents had not experienced. Certainly those are in their 30s’ have experienced nothing but the BEST that life could offer. The economic growth and financial stability of the 90’s and 2001-2006 saw innovation, home ownership and “Wall Street” numbers that broke all previous records. Folks, this administration and its economic advisors do not have a grip on the situation and are close to lying to us of the gravity of the financial markets. As of this writing, 22 May 2009, I can assure you that the Real Estate bust is not over; it will not be over until “Commercial Real Estate” bottoms. A continued down turn in Real Estate and then the Commercial Real Estate bust will lead to many failures of Financial Institutions. This new round of chaos in the Real Estate Markets and the ensuing collapse of banks will add to unemployment numbers. This of course will happen at a time when this administration would have already spent trillions in bailouts of the auto industry, insurance companies and the “Big Banks. There are also trillions been asked for to support health care for all and an energy bill that is doomed for failure?

We are right in the middle of the worst economic crises in modern history. This is not a mild recession but rather an approaching depression that will make 1929-1930 look like an average downturn.

 The stock market in the next few months will rally, the financial experts and this administration will be telling Americans that the worst is over and Obama’s trillions in spending is working. Be not deceived, late this year to early next year, we will see the beginning of inflation, leading to hyperinflation, the dollar will lose its value and standing in the world, new unemployment highs and the beginning of a global depression.

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